Preserving our heritage

Conservation at Boughton is a complex endeavour. The House has seven courtyards, 12 entrances, 52 chimney stacks and 365 windows; and the Estate, extends to over 11,200 acres. It requires the continuous commitment of the Buccleuch family, skilled craftsmen and the financial support of an efficiently managed rural estate, to keep the House, villages and land from the ever-present threat of decay and decline.

Thankfully, the last few decades have seen a concerted and co-ordinated restoration programme that has returned many parts of the House, such as the State Rooms, to their full splendour.

The 10th Duke has made restoring the landscape gardens to their 18th century glory a particular priority, reversing 200 years of ‘benign neglect’. He has overseen the cleaning and restoration of much of the park’s waterways and scenic vistas. The 21st century garden with the Orpheus project is a vibrant new addition to the scenery. And though there is much still to be done, it is his hoped that, when the 500th anniversary of the Montagus at Boughton is celebrated in 2028, there will be a landscape that epitomises a half-millennium of loving care.