If you live nearby and have a real fire, log burner or stove, we can deliver seasoned firewood direct to your home, as well as woodchip for combined heat and power units (CHPs). Our cordwood is seasoned for around 18mths at roadside and then converted by our firewood processor and put into store for another few months before being ready for sale.  The logs will be a variety of hardwood species including Ash, Sycamore, Beech and Oak – although virtually any native broadleaf species may be found.

The current 2015 price for logs is £95 for one cubic metre of loose logs, or for a full load at £175 for two cubic metres of loose logs.

We deliver free within approximately a ten mile radius. Unfortunately we cannot usually deliver outside this area, but please ask as we may be able to help.

To order firewood  please email or phone the Estate Office on 01536 482308