For every tree we cut down several will be re-planted, or naturally regenerated to make sure we keep our woodland in good condition. To further secure the timber supply from the estate we have planted over 50 hectares of new woodland in recent years.

Our woodlands are a haven for a wide variety of wildlife, with thriving populations of Red Kites, Buzzards, Badgers, Woodpeckers, Hares and three types of Deer (Fallow, Roe & Muntjac) to name a few of the more obvious species. Young plantations of trees are very good habitat for creatures that like more light, such a many woodland birds, but as the trees mature so does the habitat which will attract a different range of creatures, such as bats, woodpeckers, fungi. We often leave trees that have lots of holes and decay just for the wildlife – bees love rotten Ash trees to make a nest in.