Boughton in Paperback

Boughton: The House, its People and its Collections

If you’d like to learn more about Boughton House you can purchase the fascinating new guidebook, published just last year. Written by Richard, Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, with photography by Fritz von de Schulenburg, the new book first sets the scene with a history of the Duke’s ancestors before taking you on a grand tour of the house, showcasing the stunning Buccleuch Collection and revealing more details about its history from archivist Crispin Powell’s new research.

A history of the Duke’s ancestors

The new book focuses on one of the most memorable of the Duke’s ancestors, Ralph, 1st Duke of Montagu (1683-1709), who was Charles II’s ambitious ambassador to the court of Louise XIV. Ralph transformed Boughton into the magnificent house you see today, paying homage to French culture and earning it the title The English Versailles.

It then moves to his son John, the 2nd Duke, who is remembered for the miles of avenues he planted, a love of heraldry, a fondness for practical jokes and the ancient lion he nursed in one of the courtyards.

Grand tour of the house

Duke Richard then takes you on a tour of the house, from the formal State Rooms created for Royal visits to the Tudor Great Hall and labyrinth of courtyards. You can read about the dramatic painted ceilings, flamboyant French furniture, the oldest dated carpet in Europe and dramatic landscape that surrounds the house.

Buccleuch art collection

The book also focuses on Boughton’s celebrated art collection with magnificent tapestries, an outstanding collection of Sevrés porcelain and striking portrait collection including Elizabeth I, Charles II and his son the Duke of Monmouth, another Buccleuch ancestor.

Where you can buy

You can buy the Guidebook at Boughton’s Gift Shop for the discounted price of £14.95 or online via Amazon.

Alternatively, our other suppliers are Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park and Daunt Books in London.