Huguenot Exhibition 2015

As part of a ‘Huguenot Summer’, Boughton House hosted a special exhibition during August 2015, celebrating the extraordinary French legacy of the Huguenot artwork preserved there.

Many of the treasures were commissioned at the end of the 17th century and beginning of the 18th century by Ralph Montagu, the 1st Duke of Montagu – patron of the multitude of talented French immigrants.

Boughton provides a rare opportunity to see how English culture was boosted by their skills with paintings, furniture, printing, silver, maps, sculpture, guns, porcelain, and more, all created by Huguenot artists and craftsmen.

Hear the Exhibition’s curator, Paul Boucher, talk about the Huguenots on BBC Northampton (1 hour 45 minutes into the programme) or download the exhibition PDF. The Tudors and Stuarts section of the exhibition can be downloaded here.

This exhibition is proudly supported by: Institut Français


Boughton house Huguenot collection

From left to right: (1) Flower painting by Huguenot artist Jean Baotiste Monnoyer, brought to England by Ralph Montagu in 1678 and produced a huge collection of flower pictures. (2) “Musical Conversation” by Marcellus Laroon (1679 – 1772), thought to be a party at Montagu House, London. The painting may be depicting Lady Mary Montagu, daughter of the 2nd Duke and her husband, later 3rd Duke of Montagu. (3) Ceiling of the Third State Room, painted by Huguenot artist Louis Chéron, who was brought to London by Ralph Montagu in 1693.