Boughton on Tour

6th March, 2017

An artefact from Boughton House’s celebrated armoury is one of the star attractions of a new “Law and Order” exhibition in Daventry.

An iron muzzle, known as a scold’s bridle, from Boughton’s historic weaponry collection is now on display at Daventry Museum as part of an exhibition charting the story of law and order and crime and punishment in Northamptonshire.

Running until Friday 28 April, visitors will have an opportunity to view a series of intriguing artefacts, including a cell door from Daventry’s old Moot Hall, a man trap and a pillory.  Alongside these objects are police articles, poaching items and Mayoral regalia.

Charles Lister, property manager at Boughton House, said: “With our armoury containing items dating back over 500 years, we were only too happy to assist Daventry Museum with their new exhibition.

“The scold’s bridle is a particularly menacing looking instrument, once used as a means of punishment in the county. Interestingly, it was a form of punishment very often inflicted on women who were considered troublesome “scolds”.

“We estimate ours is several hundred years old and expect it will cause quite a stir among visitors to the exhibition.”

Find out more about the special exhibition at Daventry Museum here.