Boughton on screen in BBC series

16th October, 2017

Boughton House has made a brief but significant appearance in the new series of BBC Four’s Britain’s Lost Masterpieces.

The episode, entitled Carmarthenshire, aired on 11 October and explored the origins of two portraits of the Earl and Countess of Carbery at the Carmarthenshire County Museum, possibly by the great Sir Peter Lely.

Presented by Dr Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri, the programme winds its way to Boughton, home to a series of Van Dyck Grisailles once owned by Lely. One in particular bears a resemblance to the Carmarthenshire portrait, lending credence to the theory that it is an authentic Lely.

Charles Lister, Property Manager at Boughton House, said: “We were delighted to welcome Bendor back to Boughton for this fantastic series.

“The Buccleuch Collection is home to such an array of treasures that we weren’t surprised when we got the call.

“Behind every artefact is a story, not least with our historic Grisailles. For many, these are one of the highlights of their visit to Boughton, and now we have another story to tell our visitors.”

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