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The woodland at Boughton is mostly native trees including large areas of semi natural ancient woodland. This is a habitat that is rich in wildlife and we are very careful about how we harvest our wood so as to create a sustainable source of timber while protecting these important habitats.


Boughton Estate Woodland

Boughton Estate is at the heart of the old royal hunting forest of Rockingham.   Nearly 30% is covered in woodland and parkland. The woodland is composed of mostly of native tree species.  This includes large areas of nationally important semi natural ancient woodland, which is one of our most diverse natural habitats.

Sustainability & Wildlife

For every tree cut down several will be re-planted, or naturally regenerated to make sure we keep our woodland in good condition. To further secure the timber supply from the estate we have planted over 50 hectares of new woodland in recent years.

Our woodlands are a haven for a wide variety of wildlife, with thriving populations of Red Kites, Buzzards, Badgers, Woodpeckers, Hares and three types of Deer (Fallow, Roe & Muntjac) to name a few of the more obvious species. Young plantations of trees are very good habitat for creatures that like more light, such a many woodland birds.  But as the trees mature so does the habitat which will attract a different range of creatures, such as bats, woodpeckers, fungi. We often leave trees that have lots of holes and decay just for the wildlife – bees love rotten Ash trees to make a nest in.

Woodland Management

We sustainably harvest 3500t of timber a year.  This ranges from wood suitable for conversion into logs for stoves to first quality ash and oak that may find itself used in the furniture you buy.

wombat cricket

Cricket Bats

On the Estate we grow special varieties of willow trees along the banks of the Ise river. The wood from these willows are used for Cricket Bats, some of which have been used by the England Cricket team.


Buy Firewood

If you live nearby and have a real fire, log burner or stove, we can deliver firewood direct to your home.  All our cordwood is seasoned for around 18 months at roadside before converted into logs.  It is then put into store for another few months before being ready for sale. Unlike most firewood suppliers, who buy timber nationally or even internationally, you can be guaranteed that your firewood is from a truly local sustainable source.

We deliver free within approximately a ten mile radius. Unfortunately we cannot usually deliver outside this area, but please ask as we may be able to help.

To order firewood please click on link below or phone the Estate Office on 01536 482308


Wood Chip

We can supply G30 woodchip for your RHI accredited heating system. Load sizes can vary between 2 > 20 tonnes. This can be on a one off basis or on contract, whichever suits you best. There is no recycled material in our woodchip and all timber is sourced either from the estate woodlands or from within 20 miles. This woodchip can be used for landscaping paths and ménages. Today, we also use it in our combined heating and power plant (CHP) which produces enough electricity for over 75 houses.


Discover how woodchip is made on the estate, and the energy the woodchip creates to fuel nearby homes and businesses.

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