Discover the History and Beauty of Boughton: Top 10 Reasons to Visit

Boughton open’s on selected dates in the Spring and Summer – the perfect time of year to visit the House and Gardens. With the House open to the public and lots of activity happening on the estate, a visit to Boughton should be at the top of your to-do list for spring/summer. Here are our top 10 reasons to visit.

Boughton House
Architecture at Boughton House

1. Stunning Architecture

Take in the incredible architecture of Boughton House , transformed from a simple Tudor building by Ralph 1st Duke of Montagu, to the beautiful building you see today. What was once a simple Tudor manor, with a Great Hall at its heart, became a palatial residence equal in scale to some of the most splendid in the country.

The Duke expanded his home using contemporary French architectural influences and the resulting masterpiece is often referred to as ‘The English Versailles’, an example of French style sitting comfortably in a calming English landscape.

Landscape at Boughton

2. Gardens and Landscape

For over 200 years, the Gardens of Boughton lay hidden, reclaimed by nature. After substantial restoration, these glorious gardens and designed landscapes are open to explore. Discover the Historic Gardens, comprised of stunning vistas, tree-lined avenues and bold water features.

For a unique example of ambitious garden design, visit the garden feature, Orpheus, and wander by The Grand Etang – whose calming lake and magnificent water fountain demonstrate how landscapes of the past can be rejuvenated for the future.

House Tour

3. House and Garden Tours

The open days throughout Spring and August provide a great opportunity to attend one of the excellent tours on offer at Boughton House. Three different tour experiences are available, all carefully designed to share the fascinating history and secrets of Boughton.

Throughout summer, as the Gardens flourish, attend a ‘Walk and Talk’ tour of the Walled Gardens and Parkland. Hosted by Senior Gardener, Bernard, who will help you discover more about the unique garden features of Boughton.

History at Boughton

4. History and Art Collection

With so much history surrounding Boughton, the Montagu’s and the Duke of Buccleuch, a visit to the Estate will enrich your knowledge of its cultural heritage.

Not only is the House rich in history, but it is home to many treasures of the impressive Buccleuch Collection. Admire stunning painted works, exceptional craftmanship of furniture, as well as unique pieces of porcelain, tapestries and rugs.

Montagu Monuments

5. Montagu Monuments

August allows a rare opportunity to visit the magnificent Montagu Monuments, located in St Edmund’s Church, a few miles from Boughton House.

The monuments were commissioned to commemorate key members of the Montagu family, with several renowned artists of the times sculpting the marble masterpieces.

Stableyard Gift Shop

6. Stableyard Area

A visit to Boughton in August must include a visit to the Tearoom and Gift shop. Situated in an 18th Century refurbished Stableyard, the tea room offers hot and cold drinks and a variety of delicious handmade cakes. As a souvenir of your visit choose a unique gift from the curated collection in the shop. On your visit keep a look out for the distinctive black and gold Buccleuch State Coach, as well as other historic items.

Emma Saul Art

7. Exhibitions

Discover beautiful, modern art this when the House and Gardens are open, as Northants and Rutland Open Studios hold their pop-up exhibition at Boughton. Featuring several local artists, interesting and intriguing art work will be on display throughout the Stableyard area.

The exhibition will run on all open dates, another reason to make a trip this Spring and/or Summer.

Ceilings at Boughton

8. Chéron Ceilings

Boughton House is currently restoring nine magnificent ceilings within the property. The project is part of a ten year process, with intricate detail and talents put into restoring the ceilings to their original state.

A visit to Boughton House this Spring or August will allow guests to witness the splendour of the restored ceilings and to appreciate the beauty and craftmanship of these artworks.

Drone Photo of Star Pond Restoration

9. Star Pond Restoration

A huge restoration project on the grounds of Boughton is in progress in the shape of Star Pond. The project will see the pond returned to how it was intended to look and function when first built and will help to enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of the surrounding park and wider landscape.

Restoration work is ongoing and it is fascinating to observe the huge efforts of the team working to return the water feature back to its former glory.

Napoleon Trailer Screenshot

10. Filming Locations

The beauty of Boughton doesn’t go unnoticed by Hollywood! Boughton House is often featured as the perfect backdrop for films and television programmes, with the most recent blockbuster being Apple TV’s new Napoleon film.

The magnificent architecture, grand interiors and extensive landscape provides terrific opportunities for film and photography shoots. Imagine yourself in the next big blockbuster, the next time you visit.

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