A Talk by Alexandra Shulman CBE - Former Editor in Chief of British VOGUE

Tuesday 19 Mar

Overheard with Mary and Georgie have organised another fabulous event in the Tapestry Suite at Boughton, featuring Alexandra Shulman, with a fashion focused event.

More about the event from Mary & Georgie

“Having realised we had never covered the world of fashion, we decided to put this right, head straight for the top and invite Alexandra Shulman to give a talk.  After a record time of 25 years as Editor of British Vogue, nobody could be better qualified to explore ‘Why Clothes Matter’.  Clothes affect us all; the conscious decisions we make on how we look and come across begin with clothes.

Alexandra started her journalistic career with Conde Nast, progressing to being editor of GQ at 32 and then, at 34, being appointed Editor in Chief of British Vogue   She brought a very different approach to editing, not allowing copy and picture approval to those featured, nor having articles on diets or cosmetic surgery.  At the same time the content and her iconic covers led to a considerable increase in circulation.

Alexandra now contributes to a number of magazines and newspapers with a weekly article in the Mail on Sunday.  She has also written two novels, as well as ‘Inside Vogue: my diary of Vogue’s 100th year’ and a memoir ‘Clothes…….and other things that matter’.  Alexandra appeared on Desert Island discs in 2013.

Alexandra will spend time after her talk answering questions on fashion or any of the very wide range of subjects she has covered in her many articles.”

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