21st Century Garden

Discover the magnificent modern addition to the historic gardens made by the current Duke, Duke Richard, 10th Duke of Buccleuch



The Orpheus Project

For over 200 years the huge formal garden at Boughton lay hidden, reclaimed by nature. But now a substantial restoration programme has enabled its beauty to flourish once more.

With rejuvenation of the garden gathering steam, the current Duke was passionate about adding a 21st century edge. He wanted a creative endeavour that would compliment and enhance the triumphant landscapes of his ancestors. So the Duke commissioned Kim Wilkie to design a striking new landform, Orpheus. It is named after the famed musician of Greek mythology who, when his wife Eurydice died, went down into the underworld to try and reclaim her. His music was so beautiful that Hades relented and allowed Eurydice to return to the world of the living.

Alan Titchmarsh Explores Orpheus

In 2009 Orpheus was completed and Alan Titchmarsh met with Kim Wilkie to discuss the history and creation of the land form.

From Above

Maintenance Work

In order to protect Orpheus for the years to come, the Boughton Estate team are currently working on the installation.

The work means that, for the time being, visitors are only able to enjoy Orpheus from ground level.

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