Seasonally Stunning

There is something to enjoy in the vast Gardens, Landscape or Parkland whatever the Season!


Visiting Information

The beautiful Boughton Gardens and Parkland usually open for several brief periods throughout the year: February, late March/April, late May Bank holiday, August, October and December.  We are sure you will want to explore the scenes, scents and sounds on each occasion as it showcases a different side to the wonderful landscape.  To plan a visit keep an eye out for our opening times.  In the meantime, here is a taster of what you can enjoy.

Boughton Gardens Through the Seasons

From frosty landscapes, serene snow scenes and snowdrops, the first signs of Spring.

To dazzling daffodils, leaping lambs and blossoming buds.

Then blooming roses, wistful wisteria and buzzing bees.

To the Autumn glow, orange crunchy leaves and bountiful harvests.

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