Third Year of Successful Red Kite Project at Boughton

An update on the collection and relocation of juvenile red kites at Boughton as part of the Red Kite Conservation Project.

Red Kite Project

Red Kite Relocation

For a third year, Boughton have welcomed RSPB onto the Estate to collect juvenile red kites to relocate to Spain, with the aim to increase the dwindling population in the country.

After valuable monitoring throughout the year, several young birds have been collected from the Estate and have now safely arrived in Spain. They have passed all the required health checks and are currently in release pens. In a few weeks, they will be released into the wild, where they will help bolster the dwindling population in Southern Spain.

It’s inspiring to hear that birds released in 2022 are already producing offspring, highlighting the positive impact of this initiative.

Although slightly down on numbers with certain nesting areas, overall, 32 red kites have been relocated to sunny Spain from the Northamptonshire area, including 4 from Boughton. David Cullum, Parks and Gardens Manager at Boughton, said, “we had plenty of reserve options on healthy nests, but the target was reached before they were required!”

Boughton Estate are delighted to support the project and continued conservation of red kites.

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