Successful red kite project enters second year

Boughton Estate are once again taking part in the conservation programme, which will see red kites translocated from the estate to Spain to help repopulate areas where red kite numbers are dwindling.

Red Kite at Boughton Estate

Red kite success story

Following the success of 2022’s red kite collection programme at Boughton Estate, we are pleased that chicks will once again travel from Boughton, helping to repopulate areas of Spain where red kite numbers are dwindling.

Translocation triumph

Duncan Orr-Ewing of RSPB said: “We are delighted to be working with Boughton Estate this year to translocate red kites to Spain as part of the LIFE EUROKITE project. Boughton has a very healthy population of red kites, thanks to nearly thirty years of conservation efforts by the land management team.”

Sam Rees, estate manager at Boughton said: “It is great to be involved with this project once again. The red kites at Boughton are a beautiful sight, and we are glad that we can help to grow the population elsewhere.”

It is expected that a final cohort of sixteen birds will travel to Spain on 15th June 2023, giving thirty-two birds in total this year.

Together with Boughton Estate, this project is being delivered in partnership with AMUS (Spain), RSPB, Forestry England, Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, Zoological Society of London, and Natural England, and has been supported by LIFE EUROKITE.

Find out more at ZSL.

Moving the Red Kites

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