New-Look Walled Garden Border

If you have visited Boughton Gardens recently you may have noticed that the Gardens and Parkland team have been busy with a lot of work underway in the Walled Garden? Find out more about the exciting project below…

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The Historic Gardens

The Gardens at Boughton House have undergone extensive restoration work in the last 50 years to recreate the impressive landscapes designed by the 1st and 2nd Dukes of Montagu.

Stunning lakes and waterways have been reinstated and hundreds of trees planted to recreate beautiful avenues throughout the Parkland. The Gardens have also had bold, new additions including Orpheus, Life Flow and a new Alpine Garden.

The newest addition is currently underway – the creation of a re-designed herbaceous border in the upper walled garden – now named the Montagu Walk.

The Montagu Walk

The re-imagined border is currently under construction. The structural and groundworks have been completed including repairs to the old wall and the introduction of a beautiful ‘Montagu’ arch with a seating area. It will create a new aesthetic to the Garden and improve access to the area leading from the upper to the lower walled garden.

The next stage of the project will see the ground being prepared and plants re-introduced.

Before and During

The Design

The design of the project was put together by the current gardens team with team member Francesca Harper creating fantastic illustrations of the concept and design. The new-look border will include as many Montagu, Boughton and Buccleuch plants as possible, including:

  • Rosa Duchess de Buccleuch
  • Penstemon Countess of Dalkeith
  • Artemisia ludoviciana Valery Finnis
  • Helianthemum Boughton double Primrose
  • Hebe cupressoides Boughton Dome
  • Verbena Boughton House
  • Muscari Valery Finnis

Design Plan

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