What is a Simulated Game Day?

The newest activity on the Estate encompasses the great outdoors, a traditional outdoor activity, delicious food and drink with friends, family or colleagues. But what exactly is a Simulated Game Day? Take a look at the blog below to find out more.

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What is Simulated Game?

Simulated Game days are often likened to clay pigeon shoots, however, they are designed to take a similar format to a traditional game shoot, encompassing various locations with food and drink included – with one big difference – you are shooting clays not live game.

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What makes Simulated Game shooting different from clay pigeon?

Simulated Game days differs from clay pigeon shoots in the guns (the people taking part) move to different drives (shooting locations) with different terrains and landscapes. This tries to simulate the settings that you would experience on a traditional shooting day, instead of shooting in one static location like you would tend to do on a clay pigeon shoot.

At Boughton House, where the Simulated Game experience is similar to a low ground shooting day, guns experience several different environments. These range from spectacular low/fast partridge drives around the parkland to high pheasant drives in the Estate woodland, and the pièce de résistance, the drive over the historic ‘mound’ feature around the ornamental waterways surrounding Boughton House.

When can I experience Simulated Game days?

Although the experience can be enjoyed all year, we recommend taking part in the Spring and Summer, when visitors can enjoy a longer day of shooting with more favourable weather (sadly we can’t guarantee this!) and warmer temperatures.

What can you expect at a Simulated Game day?

At Boughton, a typical Simulated Game day includes a warm welcome to your team/group or the individuals taking part alongside a breakfast roll and tea/coffee, before heading out on the shoot trailer to the different drives. Our days include five or six drives with excellent hospitality. There is usually a break for lunch on the Boughton House lawn with more shooting in the afternoon. This is followed by a two course meal at the end of the day in the Shooting Lodge. The days at Boughton include several different drives and top notch hospitality from shoot host George Whittaker. Days can be also tailored to suit individual needs.

Who can take part in a Simulated Game day?

The days can be enjoyed by both novices and experts. It’s a great opportunity to try something new or hone your existing shooting skills. The days are great fun for friends, family, or business colleagues, encompassing a sense of excitement, with stunning scenery, good company, and excellent refreshments.

Please note that at Boughton, Guns must hold a current Shotgun Certificate, with associated insurance or be accompanied by a responsible holder.

Is it bad for the environment?

At Boughton we are striving to ensure the Simulated Game days are friendly to the environment. Eco clays are used that biodegrade, and we ask that cartridges used are purchased on site to ensure that the cartridges being shot are of a high environmental standard.

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