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The woodlands on Boughton Estate are largely made up of native species and include large areas of semi-ancient woodland. As with all woodland areas across Buccleuch, those on Boughton Estate are carefully managed to ensure their biodiversity and that their positive environmental impact is maximised.

A significant amount of the timber harvested at Boughton Estate is used for wood fuels and to supply the estate’s Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP).

If you live nearby and have a real fire, log burner or stove, we can deliver seasoned firewood direct to your home, as well as woodchip for combined heat and power units (CHPs).   You can find out more about our woodland management or to order firewood by contacting the Estate Office



Boughton Estates in-hand farms are a mix of livestock and arable operations, all managed to the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

Simulated Game, Clay shoots | Boughton House and Estate

Simulated Game

Experience the rural nature of the estate on a simulated game day.  Perfect for friends, colleagues or business partners.

thatched cottage

Property: Residential & Commerical

Boughton Estate offers a number of unique and exquisite country rental properties.  Our high standards of refurbishment and exceptional countryside locations offer the whole package when it comes to pursuing the rural idyll. No two properties are alike; from cosy thatched cottages to grand 17th century historic houses.

We also have a selection of Commerical property opportunities.

Furness Foreshoew

Furness Estate

Located on the Furness peninsula in Cumbria, Boughton Estate’s ownership includes the majority of foreshore (the land between mean high and mean low water mark) surrounding Barrow-in-Furness and Walney Island, extending along the Eastern shore of the Duddon Estuary towards Foxfield and along the Western shore of Morecambe Bay as far as Ulverston.  In addition to this, Furness Estate includes a large portfolio of mines and minerals spanning from Walney Island, across the Furness peninsula and inland to the north of Coniston Water.

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